When COVID-19 spread in the United States, doctors and nurses found themselves without enough personal protection equipment (PPE) to treat patients safely.  Healthcare workers rely on PPE such as face shields to protect themselves from getting sick or potentially inflecting patients. U.S. suppliers could not provide the surge in demand for PPE because the supply chain was stretched very thin. American companies are making few masks, gowns, and gloves domestically, and instead relied on imports from other countries. Raw materials were outsourced to reduce cost in manufacturing and supply chain. When Covid-19 outbreak began in Wuhan, Chinese manufacturers made 50% of the masks and respirators for the world.  During the outbreak in the home nation, the country also proptize the PPE for home uses first.


The Mak Brothers is joining forces to help the community in Covid-19 by shifting resources to a new project called “Project Shield” to produce face shield for family, friends, and local community who  work in the medical field, public service, Christian Missionaries, or serving in Christian non-profit organizations.  We will use our 3D printers to produce custom design plastic face shields with unique features that is tailored for each user.


These face shields are not for sale and are not marketed for commercial uses.  Although the face shields is designed and manufactured by the Mak Brothers,  they are no advertised as FDA approved personal protective equipment (PPE).   According to Part 5, section D of the “Enforcement Policy for Face Masks and Respirators During the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Public Health Emergency Guidance for Industry and Food and Drug Administration Staff”, the Mak Brothers can make face shields for personal uses and share with health care providers.


Each custom designed face shield consists of the following parts: the shield, the headband, and strap.   The 3D printed face shield is built from the below specifications:


The plastic shield is made from a poly-carbonate material.  It is extra tough (0.03″ thick), shatter resistant, and very clear (88-90% light transmission) material perfect for making face shields. Each shield is laser cut in-house to custom design.  The clear face shield will ship with a thin protective film on both sides that needs to be removed before uses.

  • Material Type:    PETG (Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol)
  • Nozzle Diameter: 0.4mm
  • Layer Height: 0.20mm
  • Infill: 30%
  • Infill Type: Grid
  • Weight (w/o visor shield installed):
    • Standard and Adjustable Headband w/o Visor (58 grams)
    • Rotating Visor with Rubber Strap (90 grams)
    • Rotating Visor with Adjustable Headband (96 grams)

Please review each part of the face shield and select one feature you would like for your custom design PPE.

A. Regular (11″)
B. Regular Wide (14″)
C. Corner Trimmed Wide (14″)
D. Curved Wide (14″)
E. Wide + Flaps (16.5″)
F. Extra Wide (16.75″)


The headband is designed with three pins to easily attach the clear plastic face shield.  To secure the face shield in place, zip ties are attached at each corner of the shield and headband. You have a option to pick a headband with or without forehead visor cover.  The Mak Brothers added a feature where you can also rotate the visor and face shield above the face.

A. Regular
B. Visor
C. Rotating Visor
D. Rotating Regular


Each face shield comes with a choice of strap to secure it to your forehead.

A. Fabric
B. Rubber
C. Adjustable Plastic Knob


To order a custom face shield, please select the below link to fill out a ordering form.   These face shields are made in the USA and are custom fitted to each user.  Due to the limited resources, only select individual will have access to submit a order.  Once the order is submitted, a email confirmation will be sent to you.  A follow-up email will be sent by the Mak Brothers for status of the order and when it will be shipped. Click Here


The face shield are a consumable wearable PPE.  We put a lot effort in the design to insure that these face shields last many usage. We understand that over time, some parts of the face shield might need replacement.  Although we do not provide warranty for wear and tear, upon request we will consider sending you replacement parts. Please contact me via email for such requests.


Please provide feedback on the face shield so that we can continue to make improvement to our design.  We hope to make these face shields more comfortable and functional while maintaining the core requirements of protecting you from the environment.  Please visit this webpage for new features or revisions.  Because the design of this face shield is modular, many of the parts can be upgraded easily.  We would happy to send you the upgraded parts upon request.