How did you find me?  This is a personal journey, blog, adventure, and experience of my life with family and friends.

My friends and family like to know the places I visited and eat.  Instead of sending them emails, why not make this available to them and you.  I will share all the crazy adventure from visiting new countries, testing out new gadgets and technology, to making different dishes from all over the world.

One of the big focuses is on food.  I grew up working in Chinese fast food restaurant all my life.  My family and many of my older friends shared with me the love of good food. I will continue what my father (Fast Food Chef) and my mom (Homestyle Cook) did. I shouldn’t deny I love food. Like swimming, cooking is in me. Jesus Christ used food to share the Gospel and I will continue it.   I will make delicious dishes that looks and smells great.

Another reason for starting this site was because of Jamie Oliver’s speech he made on He shared a powerful stories from his anti-obesity project in Huntington, W. Va., James Oliver makes us aware of our ignorance of food.

As I share my love for good food with my family and friends while trying to share the  Gospel,  I hope all of us will be empowered, educated, and engaged in a better lifestyle and diet.  I will share what I learn about cooking, understanding where food comes from, and recognizing the power it can have on our health and happiness.

Few of you will have a chance to taste and enjoy it as we talk about life. Therefore, you lucky few please don’t deny my generosity and servitude.